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Impact programs

LYLA gathers and realizes potential of many young leaders around Laguna in them, their community, the country and the world. These young leaders are making a difference in their communities, helping out to those in need, campaigning in their schools for student rights and advocacies, excelling in their academics,  serving as an example to their fellows, representing concerns and views of their peers, co-creating projects and programs to support the common good, and taking active leadership roles throughout the society.

We are committed in fueling the fire within the hearts of these young leaders and educating them on what they can do and how they can contribute to the betterment of their community, the society they belong, their country and to the world. We help them utilize the power of their internal sources to create meaning for others, explore their potentials and make it real, engage in issues regarding the environment and the society, develop their leadership skills, share their vision of a world truly fit for young people and make it happen.

We inspire the young leaders of today, educate them with knowledge they need in making their potentials real, equip them with such tools that they need in their journey to becoming the great leaders of tomorrow.


Laguna Young Leaders Academy

Laguna Young Entrepreneurs Forum

Back to back with Laguna Young Leaders Academy that aims to inspire young people to be the next leader of tomorrow, Laguna young Entrepreneurs forum aims to boost young people's skills in entrepreneurship, inspiring them to become a better person, set their eyes open for new opportunities and set their mind to enter or take the path of entrepreneurship.


With the help of our JCI members who are expert in their chosen field, sharing of knowledge and experiences made our delegates equipped with passion and inspiration for their future. LYEF also has a special segment of question and answer in the program that made the forum full of excitement and ideas.


LYEF is one of the first projects of JCI San Pedro that involves all colleges here in San Pedro and hopefully the near by towns. We believe that listening to Seminars/Talks is good for the students, but sharing thoughts, failures, stories and tips from the speakers are much better.


We create opportunities for the youth and inspire them to learn, yearn and earn.


Laguna Marching Band Boot Camp

Laguna Marching Band Boot Camp is a 3-day immersion of some of the best marching bands all over Laguna and nearby provinces like Rizal and Cavite. It aims to relive and empower the dying culture of marching bands in the Philippines which started way back in the 1950s.

The objective of LMBBC is not only to preserve the brass band tradition but also to raise the group's musical standards by training the young generation of brass band enthusiasts and passing on the knowledge and experience they had through the years. Around 100 members of different marching bands gathered to play music together disregarding differences of the bands they came from. After the boot camp, they are to present what they have learned by performing live in front of an audience the pieces they have practiced during the boot camp.


We encourage the young musicians of today to look back on the old music played by the brass bands and learn how to play these instruments.

Become A Member

Volunteerism benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer by strengthening trust, solidarity and reciprocity among citizens, and by purposefully creating opportunities for participation.


JCI members around the Philippines and the World are all volunteers with no salaries or even allowances. Everytime a project is done, members attend and help voluntarily, setting aside their own problems for the sake of helping those who are of greater need.

JCI needs members as well as the world needs volunteers. We need more than just a million volunteers to create impact and change the world and we encourage you to be one today.





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